Installation of new playground equipment for local community

Kingsmead Park, Torrington, Devon



Kingsmead park has been a lovely project to work on due to the personal investment that has been made by the local community to fund this project and to regenerate their much-loved local park. In 2017 the local community became concerned about the inadequacy of their park, in particular the lack of play equipment for the resident’s children, so the Kingsmead fundraising group was formed.

We were approached by committee secretary Mandy Isaac, as after much blood sweat and tears Kingsmead fundraising group had raised enough funds to have their first piece of new equipment installed into the park. The group gathered a selection of quotations and drawings but after much deliberation decided that they liked Mant leisure’s submission and wanted to work with us to get the park back to its former glory.

Charles Mant on site with the Kingsmead Fundraising group

Charles Mant on site with the Kingsmead Fundraising group

"We decided to go with Mant leisure Ltd because we are impressed with their fantastic range of play equipment, the helpfulness and approachability of their advisors. And even though they are based in Bath, Charles Mant came to Great Torrington, Devon to meet and assist us in our pledge to provide play equipment for the future generation of young residents of Kingsmead Park"

The existing Playground and Equipment

Pictured Kingsmead Park before works commenced on site, as you can see this Park was definitely due a much-needed face lift and thanks to the hard work and dedication of local fundraising Mant Leisure Ltd could begin the process of creating a space that Kingsmead Park residents and their children could be proud of.

Photo of the neglected park area with very little play value

Photo of the neglected park area with very little play value

New Multi-Play Unit, Toddler Swings & Surfacing

At first Mant Leisure Ltd were asked to come up with a design for a new multi-play unit for the park but once again the group managed to fund further monies and we were also able to supply a new toddler swing and safety surfacing for both pieces of equipment.

Refurbishment of older equipment and new wet pour safety surfacing

The group had further good news as Torridge district council agreed to help the Kingsmead fundraising group in their endeavours and allowed Mant Leisure Ltd to work on their behalf to refurbish the existing junior swings and to provide a brand new wet pour safety surface. They have also agreed to re- paint all of the existing fencing surrounding the park in due course.

The installation of the playground equipment starts

Luckily the weather was on our side when we began work on the 10th of May 2018  and the park took shape very quickly, we were able to order the exact same colour paint for the existing junior swing as the other units and we were delighted with the results, all the units looked cohesive in the lovely vivid blues and reds that the residents had decided on. As always we take safety seriously and Heras safety fencing is provided to form a safe environment for works to take place, and every care is taken by our installers to protect all existing surfacing while preparing the area for painting.

Existing swing in the process of being painted

Existing swing in the process of being painted

New cradle swing installed

New cradle swing installed

The finished playground

The images show the final result of the first installation which was completed by Mant Leisure Ltd on Thursday the 24th of May, what was a very sad park in need of lots of TLC has now become a welcoming and safe area for children to partake in play time! however this is not the end of the road as Kingsmead Park fundraisers are now in the process of setting up further fundraising events to expand the park outside of the fenced in boundary and into the grassed areas surrounding the park.

Finished Kingsmead Park Playground
Newly decorated swings
Finished new multi-play unit
New Toddler Swings
Kingsmead Park new multi-play unit
New cradle swing

Mant Leisure Ltd continue to help with the process of expanding the park by providing further drawings and ideas to help the group progress this ongoing project and we wish the group well as they work towards improving the area for the community as a whole.

We have been extremely impressed by the standard of advice and assistance made available to us, and the friendly helpful staff and management, who have made our task a lot easier to manage. Outstanding service all round.
— Kingsmead Fundraising Group

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