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Haydon Wick Parish Council Play Park Redevelopment - Wick Farm Orchard & Heaton Close



Playground design and installation Haydon Wick Parish Council

Haydon Wick Parish Council had two play areas in need of redevelopment at Wick Farm Orchard and Heaton Close. Mant Leisure put together a redevelopment proposal which was to include both refurbishment and replacement of existing equipment and surfacing.


Wick Farm Orchard


Heaton Close


The new play schemes

The new scheme will now provide all steel equipment ensuring longevity with wet pour safety surfacing to the two play parks with the aim of reducing ongoing maintenance to the pre -existing mix timber Play Equipment sand and bark safety surfacing.   

Playground equipment being installed

Mant Leisure Ltd have selected a range of high quality play equipment suitable for a variety of ages offering many differing core play values.  The new play parks will offer an accessible and inclusive environment for all to enjoy.

Playground Surfacing

The existing surfacing was tired and contained a mix of materials which posed maintenance issues for the council. The sandpit was hard to maintain and the bark pits for ever needed topping up. The wetpour graphics were splitting and causing potential trip hazards to users of the park. The solution was to raise the bark pits and dispose of the sand and fully refurbish the surface in its entirety, thus providing for a seamless transition and surface across the whole play areas. The use of Black EPDM Wetpour with a blue fleck will greatly reduce maintenance issue moving forward. This surface will also provide for an all year round solution.   

Wick Farm Orchard

The existing play areas in need of renovation:

Old playground at wick farm orchard
Old play equipment 
entrance to park in swindon
used play equipment

Playground Equipment Selected for Wick Farm Orchard:

Dish roundabout for playground
toddler swings for playground
Spring seesaw
multiplay playground equipment

The new Wick Farm Play park will offer a Severn Multi-play unit which is great for ages 2-5 with seven activities enabling children to scale a fireman’s pole, climb up ladders and stairways, slide down the stainless-steel slide and use their cognitive function to play the crazy maze and splat play panels. The unit also incorporates a gangway between the two tower platforms where children can enjoy exercising their hand eye coordination skills.


Flower 4 seat springer seesaw

Our Flower 4 seat springer seesaw is a great piece of equipment which can be used between two children encouraging interactive play and even better between four children encouraging group play and dynamics.  This springer will improve a child’s balance, strengthen body muscle, improve spatial awareness whilst having a fantastically fun time.

Severn Multi-Play Equipment

The Severn unit offers children the opportunity to experience interaction with other children, the chance to let their imagination run wild by using all the elements provided for role play and exerting all their energy clambering, climbing, inventing and generally having great fun.

Severn multi-play equipment

Toddler Swings

Traditional toddler swings are a must have item and our 2 seat cradle swing provide a safe environment for younger children to enjoy speed and movement at their own pace, all our swings are provided with anti-wrap bearings stopping chains from being wrapped around the swings frame reducing the possibility of vandalism. This playground stable is a must as swings also encourage social interaction and teamwork whilst developing  co-ordination and balance.

Dish Roundabout

We decided on a Dish Roundabout which has an inclusive group play design enabling all to freely use and is suitable for use for age groups from 3-13yrs, the stainless-steel construction offers a fantastic spinning sensation allowing the user to develop balance whilst experiencing the thrill of speed on this dynamic piece of equipment.

dish roundabout.jpg
toddler swings.jpg

Heaton Close

The existing play areas in need of renovation:

The old playground
Old play equipment
playground swings
used playground equipment

The new improved play area:

Playground Equipment Selected for Heaton Close:

Heaton Close play areas design has been developed with close cooperation between client and Mant leisure to refurbish this space utilising elements that work whilst replacing those that don’t. The equipment and surfacing within the space caters for a variety of ages providing a fun all weather space.


Swing set with barriers and a toddler multi-play unit

The swing set with barriers and toddler multi-play unit will be refurbished whilst one other piece reinstalled at the correct height to allow for the new safety surfacing to be flush with the rest of the site.   

The Merga Tripod Basket Swing is an exhilarating piece of equipment, on which up to five children can sit or lay. It can be used as a very dynamic piece of equipment where children can work together to create movement this unit may also be used with a gentler motion with the help of family members or carer for the less able bodied.

Merga Tripod Basket Swing

Explorer Climber - futuristic and innovative

The Explorer Climber is designed with 7-14 years olds in mind. The equipment is non -traditional but more futuristic, more innovative, more challenging and has a greater degree of controlled risk taking.

The Explorer was chosen as it included an extensive range of activity units and compatible free-standing equipment, which enables children to challenge their own abilities, explore their creative minds and test themselves to their limits, as well as providing fun and adventure.

Hurricane Roundabout

Our Hurricane Roundabout is a modern take on the playground classic offering children from 3-14yrs an exhilarating ride whilst encouraging teamwork and social interaction.  The circular platform allows for two multi user seats and two free space riding areas to allow users safe access on and off the unit whilst increasing and decreasing the roundabout to the desired speed.

Climbing playground equipment
Playground roundabout

Delta Seesaw

The Delta Seesaw is a fun and essential addition to any playground allowing children and carer to work together and bounce and rock to their hearts content whilst improving and developing balance, co-ordination and interactive play.

Angie Playhouse

The Angie Playhouse has been designed with group multi play in mind allowing children to develop their role-playing skills and imaginations

Playground Seesaw

We hope that this space will be enjoyed by the entire community for many years to come.