Pirate Themed Play Ship for Wiltshire Park

Stratton St Margret Play Area



Mant Leisure Ltd were invited along by Stratton St Margret Parish Council to take a look at their Winton Road play park which was in much need of an upgrade in terms of the play value within the park.

We came up with the idea of a pirate themed ship which by the way, is one of our favourite items we have at the moment and highly popular since Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean and other seafaring films and TV series have been released. 

Steel & splinter proof polyethylene – 100% Maintenance Free

Locals set sail.

Our pirate ship is made from a mix of steel and splinter proof polyethylene is eco-friendly and 100% maintenance free. This along with its vivid bright red additions, Captains Wheel House, fully equipped with nets to climb on board, telescope to make out the nearest landlubber and skull and cross bones flag, makes this a total winner with children of varying ages.

Stratton St Margret loved the idea and agreed that this would be a wonderful addition to Winton Road park.  Once agreed, Mant Leisure Ltd set about making the installation happen in good time, ready for the planned Grand opening of this new piece of equipment where the local councillors had agreed to dress up, with one member of staff being particularly pleased that they had bagged the part of Jack Sparrow!

Play equipment installation

Our team worked tirelessly on this installation as there were some difficulties with the uneven ground and the fact that the main gate was adjacent to the new installation, so every care had to be taken to make sure we allowed for the correct amount of space to be adhered to (as per safety guidelines)   

Stratton Play Area before installation.jpg
Stratton Play Area before new equipment.jpg
Wiltshire park before installation.jpg
Wiltshire park before new equipment.jpg

Pirate ship & wet pour safety surfacing

Once all the ground issues were worked through and all areas had been marked out and prepared, our installers wasted no time in putting together the new Pirate Ship, followed by a brand new wet pour safety surface which totally transformed the area. 

The local children were ecstatic and one gentleman approached our installer and said that his daughter had been patiently watching from her bedroom window waiting desperately for the park to open so that she could play on the new and exciting equipment.  At Mant Leisure Ltd we do like to think we make a difference to the local community and love it when we can create spaces which will be used and enjoyed for many years. 

Pirate themed play ship
Pirate ship playground equipment 
Pirate playground equipment

The new pirate ship fully loaded with activities on and below deck

  • 2 telescopes on board which can be turned and dipped. 
  • Engine Room and galley - under the main deck there is an area with movable buttons, handles and discs all of which are turnable, so children can imagine and act out role play together.
  • Pirate flag - of course the Jolly Rodger is flying from the ships mast.
  • Sea chart - there is a lovely table within the main deck which has small moveable ships and an island built in for children to chart where their new destination shall be.
  • Steering wheel - just like on a real ship it has a turnable wheel. 
  •  2x play with numbers - both on the bridge and on the stern, there are side panels with numbers which can be moved for interactive play. 
  •  Other elements - of course the mirror on the stern makes life more interesting along with the click clack pump in the cargo hold, and the galley bench for a little respite. 

Play Park Open Day

Stratton St Margret Parish council and its residents finally had their Open Day which was enjoyed by all.  Everyone agreed that the Pirate Ship had been a great addition to the park, and that the Open Day had been a total success, with its shiny new addition adored by loyal junior pirates in the making, as shown in this local press release: 


For more information on our range of pirate ships and other nautical themed play equipment contact us or arrange a free site visit to discuss your requirements.


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