Junior Outdoor Gym Installation with Rubber Wetpour Safety Surfacing

Watcombe Primary School, Torquay, Devon



Watcombe Primary School in Torquay were interested in engaging their students with kids fitness equipment to use during their breaks and leisure time and during structured PE Lessons.

The PTA were keen on a local installation that Mant Leisure Ltd had provided and got in touch with us for a meeting.

After discussing all the various options available the PTA decided on our Youth Range which has a fun design and colour combination making the units easy to use and adopt. 

The PTA wanted to offer the equipment to the children with safety in mind and opted to have rubber wetpour safety surfacing installed adding piece of mind and comfort for the kids whilst they used the outdoor gym.

Junior Fitness Equipment Supplied

The PTA wanted the children to easily adopt the kids fitness equipment and sought units that were physical in nature but didn’t bear weight. As a result Mant Leisure Ltd put together a low Impact outdoor gym bundle with the core aim of improving youngsters mental well being and promoting physical activity in a fun and safe way.  In addition the scheme aimed to help kids build muscle, boost brain power, encourage better sleep, improve handling and spatial awareness, strengthen the immune system and promote social interaction and friendship building.

These are the pieces that were chosen:

  • Air Walker

The Air Walker focusses on improving flexibility and strength in the legs and hips whilst providing a cardiovascular lower body workout.

  • Rider

Perfect for maintaining a healthy body and cardiovascular system which in turn means the release of feel good hormones, increased metabolism, better heart and lung fitness and stronger bones and of course it's good fun!

  • Twisters

This great group activity improves flexibility in your mid section, helping to develop your hips and oblique muscle of the abdomen

  • Bench and Back Trainer

This smaller than usual double bench helps strengthen the back and core muscle groups in young adults and is suitable for use as with all other equipment in a supervised capacity.

  • Bicycle and Stepper

This dual unit provides a great cardio workout which targets the calves, quads and glutes whilst using the stepper and offering stamina training whilst using the cycle for a full body workout.

  • Ski Trainer and Hips

This fun and invigorating dual use equipment strengthens the lower back and abdomen muscles whilst improving flexibility

Want to find out more about our junior fitness equipment? Click the link below.