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We find the most enjoyable part of working at Mant Leisure Ltd is seeing our clients brief come to life. When what was just a hope, or a dream becomes a tangible reality, the many steps we and our clients take on the long road from conception to development to the finial installation.

 In many cases these projects are months and sometimes years in the making, through the sheer determination of community groups and local Councils, it is so exciting for us to see the end results.

Parks and play areas which were in need of rejuvenation breathe new life and become a welcoming place for children and parents to meet. Sports facilities which were in decline finally are used again to help communities meet, learn and stay healthy.

These are the reasons we do what we do and are always excited to find what our next project will become, we are always updating our Projects page with new and exciting themes to give our clients the determination and will to make their project a reality.