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Looking for Parkour Equipment? At Mant Leisure Ltd we believe that safety, quality and longevity are the basis of all we provide and all that we do so it made perfect sense to partner this section of our business with one of the UKs leading providers, designers and installers of Parkour facilities who are endorsed by Sébastien Foucan, renowned free runner and developer of Parkour. With their help and unrivalled knowledge of the parkour industry along with our attention to design and our unparalleled approach to providing project management from inception to delivery, we feel confident that Mant Leisure can provide Parkour/free running facilities that will fulfill and exceed any project you may have in mind.


Designing your Parkour Facility

Once you have made contact with us we'll arrange an onsite meeting to discuss the potential options available for your Parkour training facility, we can advise on, design, potential costs, budgets and funding, we are happy to work with local authority’s, Parish councils, practitioner groups and other local organizations.

Once funding is in place Mant Leisure Ltd can provide detailed 3D visuals of the proposed site and if necessary can attend public consultations to discuss Parkour and the Parkour training facility in detail with the local community and any other organizations involved.   

Parkour Equipment Materials

All of our high-quality pre-cast concreate, and steel Parkour products are made and crafted in the UK

All our designs and installations are in line with the European standard EN16899:2016 and where relevant BS EN 1176 and 1177.

Concrete Parkour Equipment

Concrete products are available in a range of colours to suit the surrounding environment we can supply green, brown white and grey we also offer various surface finishes from smooth to sandblasted to create a coarse finish or a technical acid etched treatment (please ask for details)

Where joints between elements are considered an entrapment under BS EN 1176 an elastic filler is used to gap fill, an elastic filler is used so that any movement or settlement of the elements does not cause the joint to crack and disintegrate.

Steel Parkour Equipment

All steel bars, frames and other components can be finished in either stainless steel or a hot dip galvanizing process.

All steel components that are installed into the ground are installed to a minimum depth of 700mm and have at least 500mm of concrete.

All steel parts are connected firmly to suit the manufacture and installation process. Methods of fixing include: Bolting, pre-welding, welding on site, built into elements or cast into concrete foundations.

Where our steel components are connected to concrete elements we use an 80mm x 120mm 5mm thick galvanized steel plate with two chemical fixings.


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Parkour Facility Installation

Mant Leisure Ltd only use a dedicated parkour training facility installation team who have carried out many parkour and skate projects and are therefore experienced in the heavy lifting and detailed installation which is required for these sorts of projects. The manufacture and installation of our Parkour Training Facilities are performed by teams with over 20 years’ experience of working with the materials and products used in a Parkour Training Facility

A full site induction is carried out before the installation work is allowed to commence by our Parkour partners which will include detailing the following (if required): Site set up & Marking out, Excavations, Sub bases if required, Installation, Jointing & fixing, Surfacing, Inspection, Snagging, Handover

All Mant Leisure Ltd operatives have the correct level of training and certification to operate the machinery and tools required.

Certificates held include: CSCS, CPCS Excavators, CPCS Front tipping vehicles up to 10-ton, Abrasive Wheel, CAT Scanners, Generator Operation & Maintenance, BTEC Level 3 Advanced in Playground, Inspection, Operation and Maintenance, BTEC Level 3 General Health & Safety

Mant Leisure Ltd also provide upon completion a post installation site inspection and full report.


The Discipline of Parkour 


Parkour or freerunning is an attractive discipline originating from military obstacle courses, the discipline of Parkour includes running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, rolling and other movements with the sole aim of traversing from one point to another using your own body strength and agility.  Parkour in its very nature, is non-competitive and very much part of its ethos is one of self-improvement and self-development through movement.

Enjoyed by both Adults, teenagers and younger children (in a supervised capacity) Parkour or freerunning offers freedom to use your imagination and be as creative as one wishes challenging yourself to reach your own goals. One of the key reasons for starting Parkour is to have fun, but there are wider benefits such as keeping fit and getting stronger while being outdoors and interacting with others who have the same passion.

Parkour jumping
Parkour the art of movement poster

Key facts about Parkour

  • Parkour or freerunning is a form of physical activity therefore assists in combating cardiovascular disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancers.
  • Physical activity in combination with a healthy balanced diet has a direct relationship with helping to prevent obesity or persons being overweight.
  • The effect of physical activity on psychological wellbeing has been researched to show a positive relationship.
  • An increase in self-confidence and overall wellbeing can have a positive impact on learning.
  • Parkour is proven to have a direct impact on reducing antisocial behavior.
  • A Parkour Training Facility is a positive use of an existing space and can enhance any existing facilities whether it is a play or fitness area.
  • Parkour or freerunning encourages community building, social inclusion, breaking down cultural barriers and gender stereotyping.

To discuss your requirements further or to arrange a consultation with our dedicated Parkour practitioner please fill out our enquiry form or email us, all details can be found on our contact us page.

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