Outdoor Gym Design & Installation



Our free gym design focuses on providing our clients with a solution that fulfils and exceeds their brief. From our initial discussions we will provide a free design and costing solution based upon your brief, product selection and budget. 

Our designers are trained in all the relevant health and safety aspects of installing gyms outside in public and private spaces and will adhere to the safety standards of BS EN 16630.



We provide the public with safe outdoor exercise equipment guaranteed to increase uptake and participation. We offer a range of gym equipment that focuses on providing a cardiovascular and resistance workout and aims to tone, define and increase stamina. Our fitness bundles promote and complement an active outdoor lifestyle.  



Parks and meadows, trail ways and tracks are all ideal places for our attractive outdoor exercise stations. People of all ages and abilities, alone or in groups can be enticed to pit their stamina and strength against our strategically placed equipment whilst out running, strolling or walking the dog. User friendly, it takes only minutes to use some of this equipment, toning up or stretching out the various muscle groups. Our equipment need not be grouped together; being sited around a park individually is always an option.  

Outdoor Fitness Stations For Parks


Our outdoor gym design focuses on providing a full body workout to as wide a spectrum of users as possible. The gym equipment appeals to a variety of ages and abilities and enables users to quickly access equipment through easily identifiable zones. The equipment may be zoned into three key areas: cardiovascular, resistance and calisthenics. These three areas complement each other, allowing users to carry out a cardio workout using the specified area and to build and tone muscle and definition using the resistance equipment. They can first warm up and later tone down using the central street workout area, reducing muscle soreness and/or injury, enabling the body’s recovery to pre-exercise heart rate and blood pressure after a workout. 

Outdoor Gym Equipment For Parks


We select suppliers from both home and abroad and are constantly scanning the market for new ideas. Choosing the right kind of equipment is made simple by splitting it up into the three areas of cardiovascular, resistance and calisthenics.

Outdoor cardio equipment

Our cardio equipment includes familiar items selected to encourage participation; typical equipment items would be an air walker, cross trainer, rower and cycle. The air walker focuses on improving flexibility and strength in the legs and hips whilst providing a cardiovascular and lower body workout. The cross trainer provides a full body cardiovascular workout promoting endurance, stamina and co-ordination. The rower provides a full body cardiovascular workout. This non- weight bearing sport exercises all the major muscle groups, including quads, biceps, triceps, lats, glutes and abdominal muscles. The cycle is perfect for maintaining an active lifestyle, building up leg muscles and stamina. This unit also allows the user to take a standing position to promote bone density. 

Park Exercise Equipment


Whilst we are happy to supply our gyms on a supply only basis, we have found that the majority of customers prefer the option of us installing the equipment selected. We personally oversee all our own installations offering our clients one point of contact throughout the course of the project.


Within our gym packages and after installation, we offer a full inspection and maintenance programme prolonging the life of the equipment and maintaining a safe space for users to workout.


We carry out all the necessary procedures to ensure our equipment is installed onto the correct surfacing type offering choices in line with current safety guidelines. We can install our outdoor gyms onto quality grass mats, onto a variety of rubberised safety surfaces or onto sports macadam.  


We have worked with Mant Leisure  on two major play area projects in Tenby in recent years. From initial concept through to design and construction we found their insightful advice, assistance, professionalism and reliability  invaluable in the success of both projects.
— Andrew Davies, Clerk to Tenby Town Council



Mant only select the best materials from home or abroad, quality and safety go hand in hand.

Mant look after their customers.  It’s a one to one service throughout.

Trust us to provide you with the best for your users and your budget.

Design led
Optimum designs ensure exciting use of the equipment now and for years to come.

Excellent quality equipment
We set high standards when choosing our quality equipment to guarantee its lifelong interest to users, generating pleasure and performance for all.