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Playground Maintenance



Maintenance is recommended for safety, preservation and the longevity of play equipment, it is important to provide a safe environment for play, but equally a play area should remain visually inviting. with regular maintenance, play areas are much less likely to become a target for damage and vandalism, a good regular maintenance programme makes economic sense in the long run and we highly recommend this approach.



How can Mant Leisure Ltd help you?

Mant Leisure Ltd offer a wide range of Maintenance options including annual and Post installation inspections. we support local authorities, Parish Councils, Schools, Building contractors, we cover the South West of England and the home counties.

we are happy to address any areas that may be of concern including safety issues, areas of vandalism, surfacing repairs, removal or re-positioning of existing play equipment, seized equipment and general wear and tear. We have a commonsense approach and in most cases a phone conversation will determine the best outcome.

Should a site visit be required one of our fully qualified and insured maintenance engineers will meet with your chosen representative, we will then carry out a thorough investigation to determine an appropriate course of action. Should further works be required, we will follow up with a comprehensive quotation and details of any actions which should be dealt with immediately.



We offer a wide range of maintenance solutions.

  • Playground equipment repairs

  • Play area refurbishment

  • Safety surface repairs

  • Rubber Mulch repairs

  • Rotting timber replacement

  • Equipment replacement

  • Gate and fence line repairs

  • Replacement signage

  • Skate and BMX park maintenance

  • Parkour maintenance

  • Professional Jet washing

  • Artificial grass installation & replacement

  • Bark & wood chip top up

  • Professional paint systems for play equipment

  • Paint refurbishments

  • Outdoor fitness equipment maintenance

  • Removals and reinstatement

  • Inspection programmes

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Inspection Programmes

The British and European safety standard BS EN1176 and the Health and Safety executive strongly recommend that all play areas have at least one annual inspection from a qualified independent specialist, Continued management and the provision of high-quality inspection and maintenance programmes are essential if safe opportunities for children to play creatively are to be preserved.

Planned Maintenance Cycles

Should you wish to discuss a regular planned maintenance cycle, we would be happy to attend site to discuss your requirements, we can then arrange a quotation for works which can be spaced out over your chosen time period, prioritizing those areas most in need of attention. This can be a worthwhile exercise for local authorities so that a budget can be set for the financial year ahead.

Annual Playground Inspections

Mant Leisure Ltd can provide annual playground inspections through our accredited and fully insured independent playground inspectors. The inspection and finial written report will indicate and cover, site safety and condition, equipment safety and condition and accompanying item safety and condition followed by any recommendations for remedial action including risk ratings and photographs.

Post Installation Inspections

Once your new play equipment has been installed a post-installation inspection is recommended, Mant Leisure Ltd provide post installation inspections through our accredited playground inspectors. The inspector will assess, correct installation methods, fall heights, minimum space requirements, a general assessment on work standards and compliance where relevant. A final report will then be produced including photographs.



REplacement parts

Moving parts often require attention, for example swing shackles, bushes, fitness kit elements, gate springs and buffers. Mant Leisure Ltd offer a large selection of replacement parts, these can be ordered over the phone and delivered directly.

For more complex issues we can arrange for one of our dedicated maintenance team to visit your play area and advise on the best course of action, following our visit a quotation will be prepared with the associated costs for parts and labor.

Playground Repainting

Often the best kept play areas can become lackluster, this is usually due to painted surfaces fading and chipping over time, the best way to keep play areas looking fresh and current is to consider a paint refurbishment programme. Mant Leisure offer this service using only professional, highly durable and safe specialist play equipment paint in a wide choice of colours to complement existing equipment.  

Our repainting service is carried out by our professional maintenance team who will cover and protect existing play surfaces before preparing your play equipment for painting. Once the surface has been fully prepped the new paint in your choice of colours will be applied, leaving a bright, vibrant, glossy, durable and quick drying finish.

Wet pour and rubber Mulch Repairs 

Although highly durable, over time general wear, shrinkage and deterioration can affect wet pour and Rubber mulch.

Mant Leisure Ltd offer surface repairs which are both economic and efficient, returning your surfacing to a safely functioning area while improving the overall aesthetic. We have a huge selection of Wet pour and Rubber mulch colours to choose from, all of which can be matched to your existing wet pour or rubber mulch safety surface.

We pride ourselves on using only the best quality safety surfacing materials, tested according to British and European safety standards. In addition our maintenance specialists are highly skilled in this area, creating the right mix to adhere to any existing wet pour or rubber mulch surface.


For enquiries concerning any maintenance issues, please feel free to get in touch!

To speak to us please phone: 01225 830083 mobile: 07824 880309