Nets & Climbing Play Equipment



Our rope playground equipment ranges are an exciting way to play, making it more challenging and aiding in developing of gross motor skills. Our climbing nets present children and teenagers with the opportunity to experience a wealth of challenges. Rope play units can encompass connecting rope towers, swinging loops and ladders presenting many different adventures, which will keep tots to teens occupied. Some of our nets have lookout platforms with linking rope towers to stretch the imagination. Our nets are designed to encourage group play and can be made in a linked construction enabling the user to cross a large space without the need to touch the ground. Rope play is challenging, dynamic, aids development and allows children to be active promoting fitness and core body strength.


Climbing Nets For Playgrounds

We have a variety of climbing nets and units for children of all ages. Horizontal climbing nets, allowing children to hang out and relax together having scaled the side of a ship, to twister nets which test the child’s coordination skills (especially when they have to navigate a path round their friends).  

Our ranges also come with jungle bridges, rope tunnels, clatter bridges and slanting rope tunnels, all on one unit, offering great discovery and agility play yet occupying a compact footprint.   


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Strong steel cored nets and ropes

The majority of our ropes and nets are made of six strands with eight steel wires each, which is a total of 48 steel wires protecting against vandalism. The ropes can take a peak load of up to 4,500kg and do not slacken or become brittle over time. Our nets are available in a range of colour options from bold primary pallets to realistic natural looking colours.  


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