Play Equipment


We can offer traditional play equipment, such as swings, slides and roundabouts; dynamic equipment, including aerial runways and trail; plus equipment that encourages social interaction, such as multi-play units and climbing walls.

Please visit our gallery for examples of the many types of both wooden and steel equipment that we can supply, but please remember this is only a small sample of what we can supply so if you don’t see what you want, please contact us and we will endeavour to find it for you.

Using innovative and challenging play equipment, personalised design and utilising the natural features of a site, we deliver exciting, playable spaces, which exceed today’s children’s expectations.

Each site is individually designed by our experienced play area designers, who will visit the site to ensure that the play space will complement and enhance the natural environment and then provide a no-obligation quotation and drawings.

We deliver play spaces that are unique, where materials and equipment are carefully selected to suit the surroundings.

We can design an area around a particular theme to connect it to the location, giving each play area a distinctive atmosphere and feel.

When designing a play space we strive to provide a place where more people visit more often and stay for longer; a space that local people can be proud of and that they will look after for years to come.

Our play areas aim to give children a sense of freedom and a place they can call their own. We aim to increase social interaction between users and make play fun for all.

Our designers ensure that the play experiences will enable children of all ages and abilities to interact together and will comply with DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) requirements. Our play areas are places where children can stretch and challenge themselves both physically and mentally, but are open to all to experience at a level at which they feel comfortable.

Please call us on 01225 830083 or use our Contact Form for more information about any equipment or to arrange a no-obligation site visit.

To see images of just some of the equipment that we can provide please go to our gallery.