Outdoor Table Tennis Tables


We offer four styles of concrete ping pong table suitable for permanent outdoor installation and guaranteed to provide lots of fun!

All four of our tables come in both blue and green. They are fabricated from reinforced concrete and are built to withstand the extremes of the UK climate, as well as all the rigours of constant use. They are therefore suitable to be situated in a public open space, making them particularly suitable for schools, universities, pub-gardens, parks and campsites. The table tops are extremely smooth and beautifully finished in either blue or green and will provide years of service for their users.

Three of the tables are ‘all-in-one’ tables that are manufactured as one complete unit and therefore need no assembly:

The ‘Amsterdam‘ is a standard size table (274 x 152 x 90 cms) with square corners, the ‘Rotterdam‘ is the same table, but with rounded corners and ‘The Hague‘ is completely circular!

The net on each table is not only made from concrete, but is an integral part of the table, therefore reducing the risk of damage or vandalism.

The tables weigh between 1370kg and 1800kg and the playing surface is 85mm thick.

Please note, these tables are delivered on a crane lorry and access of a minimum width of 3 metres is therefore required. If you are unsure whether access will be an issue please give us a call to talk it over.

If access to the site is an issue, our fourth table, the ‘Maccano’ is made from concrete, but comes in six parts. It weighs 800kg and is as robust as our all-in-one models.

The Maccano can be delivered, assembled and installed onto a pre-prepared site. Alternatively we can supply and deliver the kit for your own assembly and installation.

All of the tables are guaranteed for 5 years against fair wear and tear and the paint is guaranteed for 2 years.

To see a map showing where our tables are located please follow this link: Table Tennis Table Locator

To get your personalised quote please get in touch using our contact form or call us on 01225 830083.