Top 10 tips when buying outdoor gyms

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Our partners, TGO, have published the following tips to help you when choosing your outdoor gym equipment:

We are being told by customers that things out there are getting a little confusing when it comes to buying outdoor gyms. Some suppliers are telling you that as outdoor gym equipment is not playground equipment that it doesn’t need to meet any safety standards (amazing, I know but true!!), some are saying that as long as it is not near a children’s playground that it doesn’t need to comply to any safety standard (like that is going to stop kids going on it!!), some are telling you that their equipment meets a TUV test and others are telling you that they have certified the equipment themselves… be honest, it is no wonder that as customers you are confused.

The new TGO Britain range is 100% made in the UK and to the highest available industry standards. There has been, however an influx of cheap (often Chinese made) equipment coming onto the market of late that seems like a good deal to the customer but often leaves them (sometimes as little as a few weeks down the line) with broken and unsafe equipment.

That is why TGO have come up with their TOP 10 TIPS when buying outdoor gym equipment.

The main thing that TGO would say is please don’t just take the suppliers word for things, ask to see evidence from them. Have a good look at the equipment that they are trying to sell you. Does it have crush points, does it have exposed rubber stoppers, does it have unrestricted pendulums or entrapment points?

What about the build quality? Cheap doesn’t always mean best. Have a look at previous sites they have put in, how are they standing up? What is the quality of the steel and the welding? Has the equipment been tested? If so, to what level? Can they provide you with details of the quality of the steel used? Ask to see evidence of this.

What about the actual design of the equipment? Many suppliers are simply importing equipment from China with little or no thought about the ergonomics of the equipment. TGO design and manufacture the equipment themselves and employ the services of fitness professionals to help design equipment that actually works.

There are many things to think about when spending hard fought for money on outdoor gym equipment and we feel that if you follow TGO’s top 10 tips, then you should be able to have peace of mind.

10 checkpoints for outdoor gym equipment

The following list is what TGO believe all buyers should be specifying for their outdoor gym equipment. This list will ensure that the equipment is safe for its users, robust, long lasting, environmentally friendly, ethically produced and warranted.

1. Ask to see evidence of independent testing and compliance to EN1176 and EN957 standards
2. Ask to see evidence that the design of equipment is free of crush points, entrapments and shears
3. Ask to see evidence of load testing and detail on loads used
4. Ask to see evidence that equipment was designed in conjunction with fitness Professionals.
5. Ask to see evidence of anti tamper specification and robustness
6. Preference should be given to manufacturing in the UK
7. Ask to see evidence that Manufacturers are Certified to ISO 9001:2008 plus evidence of ethical manufacturing i.e. evidence of no child labour or poor working conditions
8. Ask to see evidence that quality materials are used (for example BSI Kite marked steel, detail on welding)
9. Check that an environmental policy is in place to ensure low carbon footprint and ethical manufacturing
10. Check that the warranties that are given will stand up and be honoured and that they are appropriate for the environment

We hope that as a customer that you will chose TGO for your outdoor gym equipment suppliers and that you look for quality and safety over quantity and the cheapest supplier.

At the very least, however we want you to be happy with your purchases and we want users to be able to be safe and to be able to gain maximum benefit from the equipment that is installed.

If you would like more information about TGO’s equipment, contact us here at Mant Leisure on 01225 830083.

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