Love Angry Birds? Love playing outdoors? Lappset offers play equipment that combines the two!

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Angry Birds-themed activity parks launch worldwide

Angry Birds Park

Mant Leisure had the pleasure of attending the launch of a new range of Angry Birds-inspired swings, slides and interactive elements by our associates at the playground equipment specialist Lappset Group and the mobile game’s developer Rovio.

The Finnish developer Rovio has paired up with the Lappset Group to create and maintain the parks. They will feature interactive content and “exclusive” downloads. The first will be built in Finland this summer, with UK locations to follow.

The parks, the creators said, would encourage fans into more physical activity.

“Rovio wanted to invite people who play the game to not only sit inside on the sofa, but to go out, move themselves and have fun,” Lappset’s marketing director Johan Granholm told the BBC.

“You have large screens where you can play the games in the park. There’s a tunnel that you have to run though at a certain speed – if you don’t get there in time you get sprayed with water.”

However, Mr Granholm reassured parents: “We don’t shoot anything in the park, that’s important to say!”

If you require more information on this exciting and innovative equipment, please contact Mant Leisure on 01225 830083 or email us here.

Click here to watch an animation of how a park will look, courtesy of Lappset.


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